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Mini 20W Bi-Color Continuous LED Light


Mini Creator Kit:
1 x Mini 20W Light
1 x Barndoor
1 x Honey Comb
1 x Diffuser Dome
4 x Color Filter Gels
1 x Mini Power Adapter
1 x Mini Type-C Cable
1 x V-Mount Cold Shoe Adapter
1 x V-Mount Ballhead Tripod Adapter
1 x Desktop Tripod



Miniature Size Maximum Performance
Bright, high-contrast LCD screen with knurled control knobs.
Adjustable menu, brightness and color temperature.

- Light source: 20W Bi-color LED

- 2700 tK-6500 tK color range

- CRI: 96+, TLCI: 96+

- Compact size and light weight, with highly efficient output up to 1600lm

- Adjustable lens from 15° to 45° spot or flood: provide up to 28888 LUX (@0.5m, 6500tK)

- Seamless diming from 0-100%

- 20W output at each color

- Extremely low noise: <22dB @1m

- Bluetooth connection to APP, wireless control easy to use

- Professional light shaping possibility: Barndoor attachment & Interchangeable lens accessories (Honey comb, Multicolored gels, Diffuser dome)

- NFC, touch to connect and start APP, customize your scenes.

- Quick adjustment switch allows fast lighting setting, get your light in second.

- HD LCD Display provides friendly interaction to end user, easy to use

- Integrated V-Mount quick-release system to connect other accessories in seconds

- Can be connected to an external battery pack/v-mount battery, achieve 6 hours or longer running time of portable & continuous shooting

- Powerful accessory supporting system make the studio set up much faster and easie

- Exceptional color temperature consistency (only 100tK tolerance) between each lamp, ensuring multiple Hobolite lamps to work together consistently

Mini Creator Kit

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