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The Flagship, the Titanium Edition 8×10” made of Titanium and Aluminum. Mechanisms on ball bearings for extra smooth feeling and Real Titanium military grade fully CNCed. Designed to remove every grams from the special project without compromise in sturdiness and precision in just 4.2kg. Totally customizable in colors, shine or matt finishes available on request.


BELLOWS: min 75mm (with bag bellows) – max 620mm

DIMENSIONS (folded): 360X350X130mm

WEIGHT: 4.2kg

MATERIALS: Titanium Gr.5, Aluminium

MOVEMENTS: separate with different locks and knob, run on ball bearings

FRONT RISE/FALL: + 45 / – 55 mm

FRONT SHIFT: +/- 35mm

FRONT SWING: +/- 20°

FRONT (central) TILT: +/- 45°

REAR SHIFT: +/- 100mm

REAR SWING: +/- 20°

REAR (base) TILT: +20° / to closure

FINE FOCUSING: rear central knobs

LENSBOARD SIZE: Sinar compatibility (139x139mm)

FAST FOCUSING: using the rear standard of the camera, run on bearings with friction, maintaining parallels the front standard with the rear.

GROUNDGLASS: bright glass, hard plastic (on request)

BACK: accept all commercial film holders, included the new aluminum Gibellini FH810

GP810 Ti

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