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Blackbezt WOKI 600X bi-color portable LED video light

Blackbezt WOKI 600X 大火力雙色溫LED燈, 600火光亮度, 色溫2600K至到6500K, 一體化燈, 直接AC供電, 不用拖着過老鼠盒, 簡潔靈活, HK$9,500, 照相館有售。

WOKI 600X is powered by AC power.

High Light Quality: CRI >= 96 , TLCI 97

The LUX is 24100 for 1 Meter (5600K, bare light without any accessories).

Renewed light emission unit, with powerful light hood, maximum 199100 lux after adding light hood.

10 Preset Light Effect.

The Power Consumption is 600W.

Come With Remote Control and 35 degree Beam Hood.

Come With AC power socket.

Can be equipped with Bowens mount softbox and accessories. (not included)

Bluetooth App remote control (WOKI DT, downloadable on App Store and Google Play Store)

Color Temperature 2600K ~ 6500K

Size: 40x22.5x21cm / 15.7x8.9x8.3in

Net Weight: approx 8.5kgs / 18.7lbs


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